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    Lorwyn is the first set in the Lorwyn block. It is the 43rd Magic expansion and was released on October 12, 2007.

    Set details

    Lorwyn contains 301 cards (80 rares, 80 uncommons, 121 commons, and 20 basic lands). It is the first set of a so-called mini-block, the second being Morningtide. This would be followed by a second mini-block (Shadowmoor-Eventide). Together they formed a mega-block to suit Wizards' four-sets-a-year trend.[4][5] Lorwyn was tribal-themed but approached that theme in a way different from how Onslaught block had.[6][7] Lorwyn introduced Planeswalkers as an entirely new card type into the main game. Apart from some of the planeswalkers, there are no humans in this tribal block.[8] The world of Lorwyn is steeped in a more traditional fantasy than the previous blocks. The expansion symbol of Lorwyn[1] is alternately interpreted as an elven ear or a leaf.[9]

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