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    Alara Reborn is the third set in the Alara block and is the forty-ninth Magic expansion.[Prerelease events took place on April 25–26, 2009,

    Set details

    Alara Reborn contains 145 black-bordered cards (60 commons, 40 uncommons, 35 rares, 10 mythic rares). It is the first and so far only set in the history of Magic that consists entirely of multicolored cards (much like Legions consisting entirely of creatures).[4][5][6] As such the numbering of the cards is vastly different. Usually a set has all single colored cards alphabetically sorted and grouped together and in {W}{U}{B}{R}{G} order followed by multicolored cards in alphabetical order followed by colorless artifacts, followed by non-basic lands, followed by basic lands.

    There are no lands or colorless artifacts in the set. The all multicolor gimmick was revealed when Wizards of the Coast showed off a textless Ardent Plea with collector number #1.[7] So far this is the latest Standard-legal expansion release which doesn't include any planeswalker cards, with Iconic Masters being the latest overall. The expansion symbol of the set is a representation of the five converged shards.


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