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    Rise of the Eldrazi is the fifty-second Magic expansion released in April 2010 as the third set in the Zendikar block.

    Set details

    Rise of the Eldrazi is set like its predecessors Zendikar and Worldwake on the plane of Zendikar and continues the story line from those sets. However, unlike other third sets in a block, Rise of the Eldrazi is a large expansion.[4] The set contains 248 cards (100 Common, 60 Uncommon, 53 Rare, 15 Mythic, 20 Basic Lands). That's one common less than Zendikar and including basic lands which usually are not reprinted in the third expansion of a block. The free space on the print sheets was used for Hand of Emrakul and Ulamog's Crusher, which are more common than the other commons. Each set of basic lands (i.e. all Plains, all Islands ...) forms a collage when put together.[5][6] The expansion symbol of the set is an opened hedron. The set is a complete "mechanical reboot" of the block; unlike the two preceding sets it is not Land-themed and mechanics from the preceding sets did not return but focuses on a race of colorless creatures called the Eldrazi.[7][8] For this, the limited environment was slowed down, players were helped to speed up their ability to cast larger spells [9][10] and R&D found a way to make instants and sorceries matter.[11]

    The colorless spells featured in the set have translucent boxes through which larger artwork can be seen. These colorless cards are put in front of colored cards in the numbering, despite Colorless artifacts being placed behind colored cards in normal sets.

    Rise of the Eldrazi is the first non-first set in a block to have basic land cards. It is also a set which has an uncommonly low count of cycles. While regular Magic sets often have 10 or more cycles, particularly large sets, Rise of the Eldrazi only has two cycles that are not basic lands.

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